Vodka “Yaskrava”

The advantages of vodka “Yaskrava”:

  • Reliable producer that values its reputation, monitors modern industrial technologies.
  • Vodka is purified to “bright transparency” by modern technology BRIGHT Tech. This is the result of a skillful combination of classic quality and innovative technologies.
  • Vodka “Yaskrava” is made exclusively from Ukrainian ingredients. Does not contain softeners, flavors and other synthetic additives.
  • Soft vodka, which is easy to drink, will not lead to a hangover. Drink responsibly.
  • Holographic label and volumetric design elements that are tangible to the touch, protect the product from counterfeit.


Patented modern technology for quality product cleaning.


membrane filtration (1),

high cleaning with crumbs of rock crystal (2),

a complex of measures on preparation of water (3).