Vodka “Vona” (“It”)

Ukrainian consumers are serious about vodka, demanding of its quality.

Our technologists have asked a question: is it possible to embody everything that a modern Ukrainian vodka consumer expects to receive in one product? Create the perfect product, the embodiment of all vodka values. Moderately soft, moderately strong, masculine, tasty, the most hangover-free vodka. And at the same time, not least, at an affordable price.

The result of the long and hard work of the team of the best technologists of the industry was an ambitious project – “VONA” vodka.

For “VONA” brand, a unique set of technological operations, filtration and purification technologies, as well as a recipe, which can be called a vodka quintessence, was developed.

Vodka “VONA” is a significant event on the modern alcohol market of Ukraine.