Vodka “Myanka”

Quality and softness.


Very soft vodka “Myanka” – the flagship product of the AMG company. Therefore, the quality of “Myanka” is given exceptional attention.
Myanka is produced at the Hetman Lviv Vodka Plant, one of the oldest distilleries in Ukraine, an enterprise with an impeccable reputation.


Components of Myanka quality:

  • Ultramodern production lines, the best technologists of the industry, laboratory equipped according to the latest requirements.
  • Five-step water purification based on the use of rock crystal. High-quality Luxe spirit.
  • Additional cleaning on technology Silk Wave.
  • A unique recipe – the development of technologists at the Hetman plant is the key to amazing purity and softness of the product.


Myanka – one of the most protected from a fake products.


An exclusive bottle of complex shape, which is associated with melting ice and clean water.
The transparent camu-type cap with the logo on the top disk is a unique solution for the Ukrainian alcohol market.
Embossing (three-dimensional image of the letter “M”) on the bottle neck. This is a technologically difficult to implement element that does not use any Ukrainian vodka brand.
Three-position label with volumetric elements, tangible to the touch; complex-formed necklace on the bottle’s neck.
Original label production technology.