Quality product is our pride

The companies of AMG Group (“Alcohol Management Group”) began their activities in 2005.
A unique production experience, exclusive technological developments, an emphasis on the quality of the products produced and a competent marketing component of each product allowed the company to become the owner of a truly balanced brand portfolio – an all-Ukrainian-scale brand line.


Each product of the AMG line is created with an understanding of the needs and demands of our customers – consumers of high-quality modern alcohol.


We are always aware of the freshest alcohol trends. And some of our brands themselves are reference points for both the Ukrainian and the global alcohol community.


The basis of our approach to business is an uncompromising attitude to quality at every stage of production.


We apply the most modern production technologies, use only the best natural ingredients, take seriously the protection of products from counterfeit. We create brands that are attractive to consumers from a marketing point of view, and, most importantly, meet the most demanding quality requirements.

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